FirstFloor Capital was incorporated in June 2000 as a Venture Investment Firm by five professionals with several decades of collective experience in entrepreneurship, technology and investment banking. We’re one of the few Malaysian venture capital firms who both own and run our company. So, we’re fully aware of the processes behind starting a business and directing it to the path of success.

We look at potential companies we could invest in and what their overall business outlook is. But more importantly, we look at the understanding they have about the journey they know they must take to get there. Entrepreneurs are far and wide ranging but driven entrepreneurs are the ones that pique our interest. It is these people who apply raw passion to their work, who possess that salient insight and intelligence in looking at the bigger picture. They have no qualms about adapting and embracing the ever-shifting technologies and markets.

We invest mainly in high-growth and technology companies in industries ranging from information technology, hardware, software, services, Mobile, Internet to IoT. FirstFloor Capital focuses on companies with unique competitive advantages, sustainable value prepositions and a strong management team. The companies would be beyond the R&D stage, revenue-generating, producing identifiable inflection points in its growth and is at least on the verge of making profits.

FirstFloor Capital manages several venture capital and private equity funds. These proprietary funds consist of privately owned funds, as well as institutional funds. Our fund investors include not only blue chip institutional investors but pension funds, funds of funds, insurance companies, government agencies and banks.

Continuum Capital II

The fund invest in rapidly scaling technology related companies focused on exhibiting predictive characteristics for breakout growth. Companies to be funded will be those that require capital for growth, diversification, routes to market, access to resources, skills and technology, mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”). Particular area of focus are in Hardware, Software and Services in Consumer Internet, Social Media, Mobility, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Analytics, Enterprise IT, Tech-Convergence Industries and Internet of Things.

We invest in deals upto $7 million in Series A, B and C with no geography preference. The fund is currently active.

Continuum Capital

The Continuum Fund invests in companies that are at a premature stage for Private Equity investors. With an investment size of $10 million, the fund targets companies that are identified based on their potential for vertical or horizontal integration and synergies with larger private sector corporations, government-linked corporations and growth enterprises. Investments range between $1 million to $4 million. The fund is currently at its exit stage.

Inflexion PEF

The Inflexion Fund is a mid-stage technology fund. It focuses on technology ventures with unique competitive advantages, sustainable value propositions and a strong management team. A company’s growth is based by inflection points. Companies targeted are those beyond the stage of research and development (R&D) and ones that are revenue-generating. The fund is closed.

Momentum STI

Momentum STI is an early-stage technology fund with an investment size of $7 million. It invests as a first-round investor with an average of $500,000 to $1 million per investment. Qualified ventures may then seek second round investments from FirstFloor Capital's institutional investor network. The fund is closed.

Inertia AIF

Inertia AIF is an angel-fund, set up for the occasional seed or bridge funding and very small investments needed to move from software idea to software prototype. Initial investments made by Inertia are usually followed by bigger investments by either our existing active funds, or other VC funds.

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