FirstFloor Capital manages several venture capital and private equity funds. These proprietary funds consist of privately owned funds, as well as institutional funds. Fund investors include blue chip institutional investors including pension funds, funds of funds, insurance companies, government agencies and banks.

The Continuum Fund is a growth stage fund that invests in enterprises with commercialised technology and innovation that have value to potential acquisition partners.

The Continuum Fund invests in companies that are a stage premature for Private Equity Investors. With an investment size of RM30 million, the Fund targets companies that are identified based on their potential for vertical or horizontal integration and synergies with larger private sector corporations, Government linked corporations and growth enterprises. Investments range between RM3 million to 10 million. The fund is currently at its investment stage.

The Inflexion Fund is a mid-stage technology fund, focusing on technology ventures with unique competitive advantages, sustainable value propositions, a strong management team and the company's growth is based by inflection points.

The target companies would be beyond the Research and Development stage and would be revenue generating. This fund is co-managed with Mayban Ventures Sdn Bhd, a wholly subsidiary of Maybank Investment Bank Bhd. The fund is currently at its exit stage.

Momentum STI Sdn Bhd is an early-stage technology fund.

With an investment size of RM 20 million, Momentum STI focuses on investing as a first round investor with an average of about RM 1 to 2 million per investment. Qualified ventures may then seek second round investments from FirstFloor Capital's institutional investor network. The fund is currently at its exit stage.

This is an angel-fund, for ocassional seed or bridge funding and very small investments needed to move from software idea to software prototype.

Initial investments made by Inertia Sdn Bhd is usually followed by bigger investments by either Momentum STI Fund or Inflexion PEF Fund, or other VC funds.

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